Top 8 Websites to Sell Your Artwork

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The Artist and his Art

Angela Abraham has described the artist and his art beautifully in the following words “The painter is a healer of the self and others, for their art is a story told in the foundational languages of the brain – in emotion, in visual dream language. And so, their painting is societal medicine and the reason we are so drawn to art becomes ever more obvious.

Finding a Platform to Showcase Your Art

An artist finds incomparable joy in creating art. However, recognition and appreciation for an artwork fuels motivation to grow as an artist. One of the ways to get your art noticed is by creating an irresistible presence of it online. Putting up your artwork on online art marketplaces, online art galleries, advertising about your art on mailing lists, using a blog to build a buzz, advertising art through social media, are

Some of the ways that you can promote your art through the internet. Painters, photographers, illustrators, designers, graphic artists, and sculptors can earn money by selling high quality prints or copies of their work. A lot of artists sell art from home. It is a business model that works well for several artists.

Art can be made more marketable through impressive packaging, a friendly social media community, swift customer service, and surprise rewards to make buyers feel extra special.

Websites as a Medium to Promote & Monetize Your Art

Websites are an effective medium to promote and sell artwork. The last decade has witnessed a steady increase in the proliferation of websites to promote artwork. Highlighting your work on a website enables you to cater to a wider audience. It is important to select a website that provides you good visibility and support.

Best Websites to Sell Your Artwork

The following section highlights the names of some popular websites where you can sell your artwork:

  1. Artoreal
  2. Fizdi
  3. Saatchi Art
  4. Amazon
  5. eBay
  6. Society6
  7. Mojarto
  8. Etsy

Let us see how photographers and painters can sell artwork in each of these websites.


Artoreal houses art collections by emerging as well as well-known artists and photographers. A dedicated platform for art lovers, Artoreal guarantees a wholesome purchase experience when it comes to buying exclusive photographs, paintings, and digital art. Artoreal believes that homes and working spaces are an extension of who we are as an individual. Which is why it has an added feature to help you visualize chosen artwork on walls using evolved technologies like Augmented Reality.

Artoreal provides user friendly experiences using emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Web Extended Reality, Machine Learning and Neuro Linguistic Programming. You can create a collage of your fondest memories and get customized prints, with a vast array of options to choose from in terms of printing mediums, sizes, and frames for your selected photographs.

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Fizdi is a trusted store for modern and affordable art. Fizdi has curated artworks on various subjects from numerous artists and art galleries. Fizdi has served thousands of delighted customers worldwide including home buyers, architects, interior designers, and big corporate houses. On Fizdi, you can choose art from several catalogues and categories. You can choose handmade paintings, art prints and portraits. Whether you would like to select human paintings, landscape paintings, seascape paintings, cityscape paintings, Indian paintings, animal paintings, bird paintings, fish paintings, and religious or deity paintings. Fizdi offers you plenty of choices for the same.

For more details, click fizdi.

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is another delightful place to buy art that one loves. It has an impressive selection of art by artists from all around the world to suit all budgets, styles, and spaces. At Saatchi Art you can choose from a variety of paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures, digital, prints and features.

For more details, click Saatchi art.


Amazon lets small, independent business owners and artists sell their work through its platform. As the top ecommerce shop in the world, Amazon is the place to go if you as an artist are seeking exposure. As an artist, use the Amazon advantage and build a business in the online market. Artists need to only produce decent work which Amazon picks, packs and delivers to customers across the country.

Most people who sell on Amazon make thousands of dollars in sales. On an average most Amazon sellers earn thousands of dollars annually. As an artist you need to be approved by the Amazon platform. In some cases, you may have to wait for a long time before your art finally gets approved. There are no hidden fees when you sell your art on Amazon.

For more details, click amazon


eBay is an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a wide variety of art goods. It allows users to list artworks for sale, which other users can then bid on in auctions. eBay is an easy-to-use platform which enjoys great popularity and trust among its users. Not only can you sell items directly, but you can also list them for an auction, potentially reaching a much higher final sales price and providing sellers with flexibility. The company develops and maintains competitive advantage based on cost minimization, which translates to low prices or high profit margins. eBay has a section dedicated to art, which is eBay Art, and it includes photographers, drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, and posters.

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Society6 is a print-on-demand online marketplace of artwork that allows both professional and amateur artists and designers to easily create their own online shops to sell their artwork on prints, posters, canvases, and other kinds of wall art. Society6 only requires you to sign up and upload your art to the shop. Society6 has a consumer rating of 4.24 stars from 1,494 reviews indicating that most customers are satisfied with their purchases. Art prints, framed prints, canvas prints are the most popular sellers on Society6.

For more details, click society


Mojarto is an incredibly innovative online art platform. A strong believer in technology’s transformative power they bring together artists, collectors, dealers, galleries, and resellers onto a single powerful online platform. With state-of-the-art user experiences and innovative art portals powered by incredible data and analytics, they are transforming the art buying experience, empowering artists, and bringing innovation to life.

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Etsy is one of the most popular websites wherein you can sell your artwork. Etsy is a global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It is a home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures. It has been around since 2005 and has processed billions of dollars in transaction. It has a secure payment system. Etsy is a place, encourages creativity Etsy helps the community of art sellers turn their ideas into successful businesses.

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