Top 5 Bollywood News

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People in India wait for the most awaited films and the most awaited gossip of B-town actors. However, if you are a movie fan, then you would want to know everything about Bollywood. There are many news channels and magazines that provide high-quality news every day and sometimes every hour. One of them is Reporter Live. People make a living out of delivering the report on time. Moreover, some fans request individual interviews from the actors, and the journalists have to try and make it possible. So, the top five hot Bollywood news are listed here for quick reference.

Release of Malang Movie

Malang Movie

The movie has been in the limelight since the release of the poster. The leading actors Aditya Roy Kapor and Disha Patani, were praised for their unique poster. Moreover, people also labeled them as the hottest on-screen couple of B-town. They launched back-to-back posters, which helped them in creating a buzz in the film industry. The trailer launches even more buzz because of the suspense that is handled. There are many actors, such as Sonam Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh, who praised the actors for their acting. Sonam Kapoor even compared her father Anil Kapoor’s acting with his legendary movie Mr. India.

A special screening before the release date took the B-town by surprise, and they praised the hard-working team of Mohit Suri. The production house felt proud of the praise, and they are now waiting for a positive response from the audience.

Popularity Of Taimur Ali Khan

Taimur Ali Khan

Taimur Ali Khan had remained in the limelight even before he was born. Kareena Kapoor Khan was praised for working so hard during her pregnancy when she was carrying Taimur. Moreover, she delivered a movie before delivering the baby. Her hard work resulted in being in her benefit because of the cuteness of Taimur.

Furthermore, Taimur does not know anything about fame, and still, he helped the media in creating some buzz about him. The three-year-old recently attended a party at Karan Johar’s house with a painted face. It was Yash and Roohi’s birthday celebration party as they turned three years old on February 7. The theme of the party required a painted face, and Taimur became a green-colored tiger for the event.

Moreover, he also enjoyed the party as videos were showing the dancing and fun that he had. Even a video went viral of him playing drums at the party. So, the fans can be assured that the kid enjoyed the party to the fullest.

Sara Ali Khan On What Woman Want

What Woman Want

Kareena Kapoor Khan handles a show called ‘what woman want,’ which has become quite popular. She called Sara Ali Khan on the show and asked her the fundamental question of what she wants in her life-partner. Well, Sara surprised everybody by saying that she does not wish to anybody who is handsome. She thinks that handsome men are self-obsessed, and she is looking for some other qualities. The different conditions included honesty, smartness, and a sense of humor. She claims that she has got everything in her life, and she wants somebody who can be above everything. If it helps, then she is ready to let fo looks, but she cannot handle fidelity. So, the answers even surprised Kareena at a level, but then everybody has their own choice.

Jitendra Kumar Kissing Ayushman

Ayushman is famous for taking up films that have a different stories or meanings. Moreover, these are those stories which the superstars would not dare to touch. However, Ayushman does justice to such movies and has gained quite a considerable popularity. His upcoming film is ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan’, which is with an actor Jitendrakumar. The film portrays the concept of a gay relationship, and in the film, the actors had to kiss a boy.

Ayushman said that he had kissed a boy before for dare in roadies, and he was comfortable with the scene. However, he was worried about Jitendra kumar because he had no idea about him. Jitendra claimed that he had kissed four boys in the past as a task in senior ragging. Both actors presented their rage towards ragging, which is banned in most of the colleges these days. Thus, both actors have experienced the kiss and were quite comfortable in performing it. However, the movie is a unique concept for India, but the actors are having high hopes of getting success.

Ileana D’Cruz In Love

D’Cruz In Love

Ileana D’Cruz is famous among fans for sharing a glimpse of her life on social media, especially Instagram. She shares everything related to their personal and professional life. She even shares her photoshoots and videos of travel. So, these updates maintain the zest of her fans. However, recently she shared a post where she stated that she thinks, she is in love with a heart in the corner. It took a while for the fans to accept the fact, but she posted a picture of her love later.

The pictures she shared included her new buddy called fluff. The dog was too cute, and the actor took even more adorable pictures with it. The actor has gained fans because of her acting skills and physic. Thus, the images helped her getting new followers who adore her for who she is as a person. We hope that she stays happy with her fluff buddy.

There is such news that gets the attention of the readers who are too much into their favorite actors. However, knowing about their lifestyle, thoughts, and idols helps the regular people in working hard. They share many of their news through social media, but many like to live a private life. However, many times the actor get irritated with media, but it is a part of their job, and they have to sustain the stability. Thus, Bollywood news can help the actors in becoming famous and can also insult them with the trolls. However, it is an essential connection with their fans, and they cannot say no to any such media presence. Thus, actors have to live a public life.