Top 5 Arijit Songs from 2018 That You Must Listen

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Bollywood is not only known for its acting talents but also its musical prodigies. one such name from the music fraternity is Arijit Singh. Arijit Singh songs  have constantly been admired by many. It is evident by the number of fans following he has and also with the warm affection received for almost all of the songs that are sung by him. While there still 2 months left for the next year, let’s look at the past year’s songs that made a significant impact on us.  An impact that can be only left by none other than Arijit himself.

Here’s presenting to you the top five songs that make to the list of best of 2018.

  1. Binte Dil

This song from the movie ‘Padmavat’ is a true masterpiece in all senses. The creative efforts behind this song are evident from the outcome. The direction of the music and composition is no doubt the greatest. Arijit has also poured his heart and soul into the song. This is felt from the soul-touching voice of his that increases the intensity of the song to ten times higher.

  1. Ae Watan

It is not only the movie Raazi that made a mark on the audience, but it was also the music. One of them especially being this song. It fills us with a patriotic feeling and a sense of pride towards our nation. This song truly deserves to be acknowledged as a great one.

  1. Qaafirana

This song is from the movie Kedarnath which also marks the acting debut of Sara Ali Khan. Arijit again wins our hearts with this light and melodious song. It is sweet, simple and a musical treat to the ears.

  1. Pal

Pal song from the movie Jalebi is yet another song that was very much liked by everyone. The magic of the song comes out only because of the voice behind it. It is a peaceful and serene song that you can listen to when you are all by yourself.

  1. Tera Yaar Hu Main

This is a song dedicated to friendship and true bonds. It was widely loved and is still a favorite. The song is heart touching and gives us true feels.

There are a lot of many songs sung by Arijit Singh in 2018 but these are the top 5 that made it to our list. You can listen songs online and enjoy the melodious and magical voice of this singer that has enthralled us with his voice that awakens a myriad of emotions within us.