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We get a glimpse of the issues confronted by many Palestinians at customs in airports all around the world, as a result of when she arrives, she is asked which nation she is a citizen of, she replies that she has no citizenship, the clerk asks her which country she is from, she says she has no country, which the clerk seems amazed, and asks if she is a Palestinian or an Israeli, she says she is from the Palestinian Territories. Previous to this there is a slightly humorous scene when he asks her occupation, and though she speaks English, as well as French and Arabic, she says “Sure we are occupied”.

Following in the familiar footsteps of the A-Workforce, The Losers is about a group of troopers that end up getting screwed over by a mysterious man named Max when they’re on a mission in Bolivia. Set up to be killed on their mission The Losers remain hidden away from public sight until they will get back to the USA and clear their names.

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N/A – 95mins – Comedy/Crime/Thriller – N/A.

Sucker Punch revolves around Child Doll (Emily Browning) who is imprisoned in a psychological asylum by her depraved and abusive stepfather in order that he can lay claim to an inheritance meant for her and her sister. Whilst in the asylum she retreats to a fantasy world of a brother and then further again (Inception-esque) by the medium of dance whereas her attractive and scantily clad new discovered pals help her in her quest to break out of the asylum/brothel and acquire freedom. Still with me? Good.

And you can never have a film with out a cool twist. The surprise ending of Inception completely took me off guard. The whole film set you up to believe that Cobb was in the actual world and Mal had killed herself for no cause. But the ending completely turns the tables, and leaves it up to you to determine if Cobb was proper or if he was flawed. I personally consider that Cobb was right and still in the real world. Or else it will of defeated the aim of the movie, being that Cobb needed to full a really dangerous task with a view to return to his kids which was the only thing he really cared for in life.

Harry Potter fans are a novel breed.

When Paranormal Activity was launched, I had no actual interest in seeing it. I assumed it might be simply another a type of “discovered footage” motion pictures that was making an attempt to be like The Blair Witch Mission. I ended up watching it and I discovered it to be boring and uneventful. The performing wasn’t very good and the film simply wasn’t scary. Now that I’ve this weblog I principally had to overview the brand new Paranormal Activity three movie that is being launched although I did not need to. Many people consider that the movies that come after their originals aren’t pretty much as good. That mind-set appears to be true usually, however I hoped that Paranormal Activity three could be one of the few exceptions to that rule.

Lastly my final gripe with this movie is that you just never think that the women are in any danger throughout the fight scenes and so even if you happen to did end up caring whether or not they die of not, they do not seem like they’re ever going to creating the slo-mo bullets and swords form of pointless.


At present, Cavill is “Clark Kent/Superman” within the currently taking pictures Superman: The Man of Steel which is set for release in 2013. Usually it’s a crime drama emphasizing sexual motivations or cynicism. Who would have guessed that the creator of the atrocious Dharma & Greg could give birth to such a witty and pleasant present as The Massive Bang Theory?