Instead of Buying the Chromecast Device, Get an Android Box for More Features

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In today’s advanced world, new technologies keep emerging now and then. The way we consume content today is completely different in comparison to that of back in the day. About 2 decades ago, we didn’t have a lot of options to go with for entertainment. However, the game has changed in present times. Today, we can even control our TV and watch anything we love with help of the internet. And talking of that, let’s understand why you should ditch the Chromecast device now and get going with an Android TV box.

Chromecast Device vs Android Box

A Chromecast device or an Android box is a TV box that turns your television into magic. Yes! These boxes when plugged into the HDMI port of your TV make it ultra-smart and advanced. Thereafter, you can watch all kinds of movies, shows, and programs, and log in to OTT platforms or anything else on the Big Screen.

And nothing matches the satisfaction level of binge-watching on a large screen. With their help, you can also mirror or cast your phone’s entire content on the television. However, there are certain differences between a Chromecast device and an Android box.

Android TV Box

Below are some of the major differences to be noted:

  • Chromecast devices don’t have a user interface, while an Android TV box has a built-in interface and works as a full-fledged computer with an operating system.
  • In Chromecast devices, you can use mobiles to watch content on the TV, while Android boxes allow you to watch shows and stream content directly on the TV.
  • In Chromecast devices you would need to use your smartphones as controllers while playing games, however, Android boxes have Bluetooth connectivity and hence, one can play games using wireless controllers, keyboards, and other such devices.
  • Android boxes are high in performance as they have superfast processors, built-in memory, and storage space. While Chromecast devices don’t have such features and usually work as sticks.
  • Android boxes, due to their high performance and better features, are a little more expensive in comparison to Chromecast devices.
  • An Android TV box allows you to install games and apps, while a Chromecast device doesn’t perform any such tasks.

As the market is extremely competitive today, it’s hard to find the best Android TV box that would provide you with a surreal experience. But, if you are looking forward to getting a perfect Android smart set top box at reasonable prices with all the major features and specifications, then it is recommended to opt for Airtel Xstream Box. Undoubtedly, it is one of the technically advanced DTH connections in India and represents a strong community of millions.

Reasons to Go with Airtel Xstream Box

  • Competitive prices
  • Get access to Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, and 10+ other OTT apps
  • Enjoy 5000+ apps and 500+ TV channels
  • Built-in Chromecast and Google assistant search
  • Enjoys shows and movies in 13 different languages
  • Experience high performance with the latest Android 9.0
  • Voice-enabled remote
  • Enjoy 4k Picture quality