Hunt for Treasure at a Houston Flea Market

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Everyone likes to shop. It doesn’t matter who you are, male, female, old, or young. The difference is where. Men typically like to shop for tools, automobile or motorcycle items, and sometimes clothes. Women like to shop for clothes, makeup, and household items.

Kids like to look for toys or video games, and even books. The problem with this is, you have to go to several different places for all to be happy, and then each one is not happy while at another’s a favorite place to shop. So, where can everyone go and have fun?


Why not go to a flea market? Usually, everyone can find something there. There are new and old items here. You can find great bargains on slightly used items, brand new things, and even maybe an antique.

People stumble across things from their childhood and buy them as a remembrance of good times as a child. Everyone can meander at their own pace and meet up at the food section at some point. That is another fun aspect of flea markets. There are all different types of food to nibble on.

Flea markets are a great place to shop, when you don’t know what to get someone, for a present. Just walk up and down the aisles till something catches your eye, and you say, “That’s perfect”. Need a garden tool, but don’t want to spend a lot? You are sure to find many different options. What about unique decorations, for a new theme to a room or home?

You can generally find most things you need. The thrill is in the hunt, eyeing up every table. You don’t want to miss any, or you could have missed out on something you need.

The bigger the flea market, the more fun it is. Some, you may have to take two days to visit. As a matter of fact, one of the largest in the United States is a Houston flea market. It is called the Traders Village. It covers 105 acres and has over 200 dealers every weekend.

They sell everything from jewelry, furniture, clothing, accessories, toys, home decor, fruit and veggies, and even four-wheelers, and scooters. You name it, they sell it. This is definitely your one-stop shopping experience.

This Houston flea market is so large and well known that it is actually a tourist destination. It even has an RV park located on-site, so you don’t have to travel far. It also has a small amusement park too. The kids love it when the parents can shop, and they get to play.

The parents love it too, as they can shop longer, without the kiddies getting bored. The best part is, it is cheap.

Only $9.99 gets your child, a wristband, to ride all day. You can’t beat that.

If all this is not enough for you, Traders Village also hosts special events throughout the year. There are wrestling matches, concerts, Sunday Jam sessions, festivals, car shows, and more. Just check out their website to learn more.

If you live in the area, or even a little way away, it is a must-visit. As for tourists, more and more are visiting this spectacular flea market

Make sure to put this on your bucket list, or vacation list as a place to see and experience.

You will want to return every time you are in Texas. There is nothing more fun than scanning tables for that item you have been looking everywhere to find. Have fun exploring!