Here’s How You Can Watch Your Favourite Cricket Matches in 4K

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The current cricketing season is fully underway, and people are following their favourite cricket teams very closely. This IPL season, the teams have stepped it up quite a notch and are going head-to-head against each other, often leaving it all on the field. Amidst such a high stakes competition, why should you suffer with a bad DTH connection? Look around, and you will see that people all around are raving about the 4K quality cricket matches all around. Do you want the same on your TV too? Then it is time to get an upgrade.

Getting your TV upgraded so that you can watch IPL in 4K is easy. You simply have to choose the right DTH connection provider. But why focus only on one sport, when you can boost your TV viewing experience across all channels? With the right DTH service provider, you will have the maximum clarity on all your TV channels.

How to watch cricket in 4K?

Some people will tell you that you can watch 4K matches on your phone or laptop. While that is true, you should also consider the fact that watching something on your TV beats anything else. Therefore, to watch TV in 4K, you should get a smart Android TV box.

The smart Android TV box is an incredible device. At just the fraction of a price of a new smart TV, you will get all the features of the smart TV. In addition, there are plenty of additional features. When all these come together, you will get the feeling that you have actually invested in a new smart TV, even on your older TV.

What are the features of an Android TV box?

We have already covered one of the prime benefits of an Android TV box, and that is broadcasting content in 4K. But there is much more to it as well. Here are some:

  • The Android TV box brings you the complete Android TV experience; the latest Android versions, a complete UI overhaul that makes the TV design seem more beautiful than ever, and smooth animations.
  • Comes equipped with built in Google Chromecast. Now you can stream media from your phone to the TV, wirelessly!
  • Google Voice Assistant is also built in, so you can simply instruct it and watch it do the magic for you.
  • Access thousands of apps from the Google Play store on your TV. Thus, you can play games, watch YouTube, stream OTT such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and many more.

All in all, with an Android TV box, you will be shifted to a completely new world. You can finally watch cricket in 4K. Now, if you are in the lookout for the best Android TV box in the current market, then you should know that Airtel DTH offers one of the best Android boxes.

Get the right DTH box for yourself to watch cricket in 4K, star plus old serials, news channels, cartoon channels, movies in Hindi or English and lots more.