Guide to the Essential San Antonio Flea Markets

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In the city of San Antonio, there are some great flea markets. These flea markets are large, and they have just about anything that a person is looking for including fresh foods. The San Antonio flea market will allow a person to enjoy some time browsing some unique items. These are some of the best flea markets in San Antonio.

Traders Village

This flea market is opened on the weekend and is so large that many compare it to the size of a village. This flea market features clothing, collectible items, leathers, arts and crafts, and other cool items. There are plenty of snacks and drinks to enjoy. There is plenty of entertainment for children while the parent shops. There are Amusements Park rides to enjoy right on the flea market grounds. Parking is inexpensive and the entrance to the flea market is free.

Eisenhauer Road

This is the largest indoor flea market in the area. Since it is inside, the flea market can be open rain or shine or even during the hottest days. A person can go to this flea market so they can purchase clothing, accessories, records, products, and even more goods. Admission is free to enter.

Mission Market Open Air Market

This flea market has additional hours. It is open on a Wednesday and not just the weekends. There are many great bargains a person can shop all day and they will not spend a lot of money. Admission is free and parking is free too. There are over 2,000 vendors that are selling their goods at this market.


This flea market is open on Fridays in addition to the weekends. Admission and parking are both free. There are many great deals. Once a person works up to their appetite from shopping, they can get some food at one of the stands.

Las Esperanza

The flea market is for those that are looking to get a new pet or some animals for their farm. This flea market sells rabbits, goats, chickens, and a person can even get a dog where. Some vendors show up now and then to sell some fresh produce.

Bussey’s Flea Market

This is a flea market for those that are looking for some shopping on the higher end. There are still many items to find here. In addition to the typical clothing and jewelry, there are additional items for sale. A person can shop the latest in-home décor, accessories, antiques, direct sale items, and so much more. There is also food that is prepared and ready to go home. This flea market has a place where a person can get this hot food and they can get a drink that contains booze. A person can sit down and socialize at one of the food shops in this market. This flea market is open on weekends. Parking is cheap and admission to this market is free.

Pearl Farmers Market

This is the flea market for people that like food. There are breakfast items, fingers foods, and many other choices. Everything is made fresh. When a person is not eating, they can shop the produce for items that they can take home. All of the fruits and vegetables that are at this market are fresh.

These are some of the best flea markets in the San Antonio area. When a person is shopping at a flea market, they can find some interesting goods and have a fun afternoon.