Bridgerton Is Much More than Just a Feminine Period Drama

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Well, with the increasing popularity among girly Netflix TV series, Bridgerton is without a doubt the most recent and one of the best of the best period dramas we have come across. The story circles during the early nineteenth century Regency period in London. The first season revolves around Daphne Bridgerton and her search for a husband in high society. The second season is about Anthony Bridgerton looking for a wife. Well, the show will soon be coming up with season 3. There are several things that set Bridgerton aside from other period dramas as it is a show about love, deception, controversy, as well as unconventional themes, characters, and society dynamics.

So, if you want to learn more about what this show is about and what makes it special, read along.

It Is Not Your Typical Romance Series

Lady Whistledown, an author, is the one causing all the commotion. She sends out a daily paper with all the gossip and scandals. From the queen to every man and woman in town waits for Lady Wistledown’s morning paper because they are obsessed with what she has to say about people, especially the season’s diamond and the couple.

It Promotes Inclusiveness

Well, there have been a lot of criticism when it comes to inclusiveness we see in Bridgerton but it deserves appreciation. From the Duke of Hastings, to Lady Danbury, the Queen, and then in the second season we see Kate Sharma and Edwina Sharma. While in the regency era London, there was a lot of racism and African people were rarely seen in the hierarchy, the writer seems to want to change that narrative and we appreciate. Besides, when we see the characters, there are more than one unconventional character such as Penelope Featherington, and Benedict Bridgerton.

The Narration

Julie Andrews is the voice of the nameless Lady Whistledown, in the TV show. The narration from Lady Wistledown plays a great role in the series and besides the gossip and shared scandals, the tone and style of narration set the entire mood of the show. If you haven’t watched the show, you are missing out on Julie Andrews’s great narration and sweet voice.

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Eloise Bridgerton

Well, everything aside one thing that makes Bridgerton season one and two worth watching is the character of Eloise. We highly appreciate Eloise Bridgerton for everything she is: a university-educated feminist, a fearless advocate for what she believes is right, and a sardonic champion who loves to veer away from the norm. Besides the first season where she mostly chases Lady Wistledown for the queen, in the second season she is mostly avoiding all suitors at all costs because she has always believed that there is much more to life. Apart from that, another thing that we love about Eloise is that she makes Lady Wistledown realize how she needs to do more and better than just petty scandals and gossip. While Lady Whistledown’s narrative style is one of a kind, she needs to change the topics that she discusses in her paper.

Penelope Featherigton

Well, spoiler alert. If you haven’t completed the first season don’t read this. One more character who fooled us with her acting skills and character is Penelope Featherigton. Her acting has been phenomenal and the way she was revealed by the end of the first season had all of us shocked. While initially everyone believes that Eloise might be the face behind Lady Whistledown, we were proven wrong and made a fool of when her real face was revealed. Well, in season two we saw more of Penelope making ends meet and trying not to reveal her little secret at the same time trying to maintain her scandalous writing style.

The Unconventional Men

Well, the female characters in this TV show aren’t the only unconventional characters. The main example that we saw throughout the first season was of Simon. Simon kept on his armor in order to hide his feelings but Daphne eventually made him come face to face with his past and to confront his demons. Simon tells us how mental health had always been a problem and the solution to such problems is not by limiting one’s self from the happiness he deserves. Besides Simon, another character that is unconventional and different is Benedict Bridgerton. Benedict is carefree and doesn’t seem to have interest in anything just like a middle child of a noble family would, but when he meets a friend, he discovers his passion for art, and it changes him forever.

The Costumes and Art Direction

Another thing that makes Bridgerton worth watching is the art direction, setting, costumes and hairstyles. Each character’s outlook represents them, their dresses, hats, hair, and jewelry are phenomenal and represent not only their era but also their personalities. It is a visual masterpiece in terms of not only the women’s costumes but also the men’s. Moreover, the set designs, the art, and everything is artistic and well thought out.

Well, these are all the things that make Bridgerton quite an interesting TV show. With the recent hype, many are waiting for the next season to come out soon. As there is much more to come, there are still siblings left in the Bridgerton family whom we might see searching for their perfect suitors in the next two seasons. We don’t know if they will be able to find a love match as perfect as their elder siblings, let’s wait to find out.