Best Way to Start Cross Stitching as a Hobby

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If you want to get started with cross-stitching, then many would argue that the best way to go about purchasing a cross stitch kit. Whether you get a counted cross stitch kit or the stamped version, both would greatly simplify cross-stitching.

In this article, we’ll go over the essential things you need to know about getting a cross stitch kit and why it’s the best way to learn the craft.

Picking out a cross stitch kit — What to expect?

One of the first things that you might notice when shopping around for your first cross stitch kit is that there are plenty of designs available. Settling on a design can prove challenging.

The good news is that most cross stitch kits are small projects that can be completed over a short period. While you can always shop around for bigger and more complicated designs, it is still good to start with something simple for your first few projects.

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Another great thing about cross stitch kits is that beginners will have access to all the materials that they need in one package. This includes a needle, fabric (Aida), and a set of floss threads.

One tip is to iron the Aida before you start working with it. Many experts recommend folding masking tape on the edges to keep the thread from unraveling. Think of it as a temporary frame that you can use to secure the fabric while cross-stitching. Once you’re done, you can snip away the masked edges to prep it for framing. This also helps get rid of any sticky residues that’ll only collect dirt and grime over time.

What else do you need to know working with on your cross stitch kit?

Let’s suppose that you already have a threaded needle on hand; the next step is to find the center of the design and plot in unto the fabric. This will prove helpful in determining what floss threads to start with.

How do you find the center of the Aida fabric, you ask? Well, you can wrap it in half, then fold it in quarters. The middle of the material is the point where all the crease lines intersect.

What about finding the center spot on your design (if not indicated)? Most charts will have a sign pointing to a line from the edge and the chart’s center. Like the Aida fabric, the point where the two lines intersect will be the center of your chart.

As for choosing what color of floss threads to choose, you may want to start with the most dominant ones on the pattern. This is because once you have most colors filled out, it’ll be easier to appreciate all your progress. Also, you can cite where the other colors go into the design. As you complete all of the stitches on the fabric, you mark it on the pattern until you complete all of it. In some cases, you may have to do some embellishments to finish the project.