Best Things To Buy At A Flea Market

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Flea markets can be fun places to shop, and there are some great deals to be had. Heading to a San Antonio flea market can mean a day of fun and incredible finds. However, what are some of the best things to be on the lookout for when scouring a flea market? There are a number of great choices, but here are five of the top things to buy at a flea market:

Cast Iron

It has been said that diamonds are forever, but that could just as easily be said of cast iron. A good piece of cast iron cookware can last for a century or more. This durability makes cast iron a good choice in general; couple that with the reasonable prices on pieces at flea markets make for an even better deal. Even a rusty piece found in a stack of pieces may turn out to be a great find, and it is able to be rehabilitated with some sandpaper, oil, and work.

Leather Bags

Leather is durable and fashionable. Not only does it hold up well, but it can also actually improve with age. So, when it comes, to leather bags found during a day enjoying a San Antonio flea market there are likely plenty of gems to be found among the offerings.

Kids’ Toys

Toys can be a great buy at flea markets for several reasons. Toys can be expensive especially if one has more than one child. Gently used toys can be a good value- saving significant money over purchasing the item new. This is especially useful when it comes to fickle children who may grow quickly tired of a toy.

Another way that they can be a great buy is that there may be hard to find items among the wide array of toys. That, of course, can extend to vintage toys from one’s youth. The favorite toy that was lost in a move or sold at a parent’s yard sale might just be among the mountain of potential toy treasures at a flea market.

Picture Frames

One of the somewhat surprising best buys to be found at a flea market are picture frames. It is fairly common to find high-quality picture frames at very reasonable prices within this setting.

Whether looking for a frame for a photo or for artwork, there is a good chance that one might happen upon the right frame at a flea market. Then again, it could be that one finds the right frame and then decides upon the perfect picture for it- perhaps one that has been languishing in a file somewhere just waiting for the chance to be printed out and displayed.


For those with some upper-level flea market skills, antiques can be found. This is not the easiest task, of course; locating quality antique finds does take some skill, planning, and a bit of luck. While this is not the easiest category of “best buys” at a flea market, it can certainly be a very exciting one. There is a certain joy to be had in ferreting out a genuine antique from a pile of less valuable items.

The Takeaway

There are some great items to be found at the flea market. Even if one does not buy much, spending the day perusing a San Antonio flea market can still be great fun. If, however, one does do a bit of shopping, an amazing find for a great price just might be had.