Best smart TV’s for streaming

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Technology has greatly advanced, and today, almost all T’s manufactured come equipped with a smart platform. Certain manufacturers opt using their own smart platforms, while others go for integration options such as Android or Roku. Whichever the case, there is a great variety of apps on nearly all platforms. By definition, a smart TV is a television linked to the internet and offers features that are web linked such as a web browser. Their appeal, however, comes from their capability to utilize online services such as Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix. If you have utilized a Chromecast, a Roku, or an Apple Tv, you are conversant with smart TV’s capabilities. Unfortunately, although smart TVs tend to offer somehow similar features , different models have diverse capabilities. Recently, this is not such a great issue; however, most TVs still don’t match their counterparts’ reliability and speed.

Today, not only do nearly every TV incorporate smart features, but the majority of them have fairly good capabilities. From TCL’s Roku to LGs WebOS, almost each one of them stands out for their quality. However, if you are a shopper, you should be more focused and choosy in the specific features and capabilities you need. Don’t spend too much time on the smart features as most of your time isn’t going to be spent using these features; instead, focus on picture quality, streaming quality, sound quality, among other features that will match your usage. Since choosing which feature to take and which to leave is not always an easy process, especially if one is new in the smart TV field, this article explores some of the best Smart TVs for streaming in the market. It is always important, especially if you are buying your smart TV online, to know the standing of the site you are buying from will always help you.

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SAMSUNG Q80/Q80T QLED is the smart TV option to go for if you prefer LEDTvs. While it has received criticism for not offering perfect blacks, it is renowned for its brighter picture quality and better out of the box accuracy. It is a panel TV with an Ultra viewing angle layer, which makes the viewing angles better at the cost of its contrast ratio. Fortunately, it has got a full range of local dimming features, which aids in darkening any blacks. Its smart interface is Samsung’s Tizen OS, which is smooth to navigate and easy to use with an app store with various apps that are ready to use. However, it has been said to have certain uniformity issues, but which varies from one unit to another. Overall, it has excellent HDR content as the TV displays a broad range of wide color gamut and has pop-up highlights.


A smart TV enthusiast looking for tv streaming platforms should try HISENSE and, most specifically, the HISENSE H9G. It is an affordable option with a robust built-in Android TV smart platform. It has a great contrast ratio and a full range of local dimming features, ensuring the HDR content looks great even on this cheap TV. The TV has a great gradient handling capacity, has a broad color gamut, and supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10+. On the other side, it has been criticized owing to its narrow viewing angle as it is a VA panel TV and thus not suitable for an extensive seating arrangement. For HDR gaming enthusiasts, the TV has a great response time and low input lag. It, however, doesn’t support any VR technology.

The Sony X950H

This has been categorized as one of the best TVs in the market for watching HDR content. It’s the 2020’s Sony’s flagship 4k LED TV that features great HDR performance. It has an accurate out of the box color and doesn’t need to be calibrated. It also features an inbuilt android TV, containing multiple apps that one can download from the play store. Streaming enthusiasts have great reasons to choose this TV as it has a remarkable response time, ensuring that fast-moving content appears smooth.

Hisense H8G

The Hisense H8G is one of the best budget smart TV available for online streaming. It has a nice look that will almost fit in any setting and has a great built. Overall it has a good performance, it has an in-built Android Tv, which is somewhat easy to use. It still has a great selection of apps that one can download. The smart TV utilizes a VA panel, has a decent black uniformity, and an excellent contrast ratio. Streaming enthusiasts will enjoy the TV wide color gamut for HDR content, a black frame insertion feature, a good response time, and a low input lag. On the downside, however, the Hisense H8G doesn’t get bright enough to bring out the full highlights of a color.

In conclusion, if you always loved to stream content at home, then a smart TV is definitely the choice to go for; this article has gone through some of the best smart TVs available in the market. Some sites, such as Giztop, are also worth a look…