Best Places to Vacation in Finland

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Because of Coronavirus, there will likely be many people who don’t want to travel to another country. If you want to holiday right here in Finland, this article is for you.

Websites to be found on Suomiarvostelut such as make going on holiday in your own country super easy.


Let’s start off with the place that most tourists will go to when they visit Finland. Helsinki, the capital of the country. As well as the being the heart of Finnish culture, it’s surrounded by 330 islands, and stuffed full of history.

The fortress of Suomenlinna, Komppi chapel of silence, and Temppeliaukion church will take you back to the time before the world was the way it is.

As of course, being the capital, if you’re into great food, there’s no shortage of excellent places to eat, places which are now open because the lockdown restrictions are ending.


Most of us will have wanted to visit Santa ever since we were children. And during this time of year, when other parts of the country are filled with heat, there’s always one place you can rely on the be the perfect winter wonderland.

Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland.

Once you’ve met Santa, you can spend the rest of your holiday exploring the jaw-dropping forests, and of course, what would a holiday to Lapland be without the Northern Lights?

Should you get hungry, we would recommend trying the local salmon soup.

Lake Saimaa

If nature is what you’re into, but you’ve already been to Lapland, we would recommend taking a trip to the largest lake in Finland: Lake Saimaa.

At this lake, of course, there’s plenty of fishing which you can do. But you needn’t spend the entire time just sitting around the lake. Surrounding the river is some of the most beautiful woodlands that you’re ever going to come across.

If you want to really explore the area, try going on the Elsa Heporauta trial, and pick some of the delicious berries while you walk it.

 And if it’s the history you’re into, make sure to check out Glavinlinna castle.

Nuuksio National Park

If that sounds like your cup of tea, then another part of Finland which you might want to consider visiting is Nuuksio National park, this is an excellent option for people who enjoy camping, and want to really reconnect with nature.

For the walkers, you can travel along the Haukankierros trail and gaze and all of the incredible plants which are lucky enough to call that place home.

 If you want a bit more of an adventure, you can travel down the rivers in a canoe.

But regardless as to what you’re into when you visit Nuuksio, you’ll find something to love.


And finally, we have the silver to Helsinki’s gold, Tampere.

As the second biggest city in Finland, Tampere is also filled with some of the most incredible histories.

Take a walk through Pygnikki Park and climb up the watchtower to take a look at stunning views.

There’s even a Lenin Museum and a Theme Park.