About Vodafone package: Fiber, mobile, and streaming TV. Is it worth it?

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In this post, we’ll take a look at Vodafone’s package-fiber, mobile, and streaming tv. We’ll consider the benefits and extras of the Vodafone broadband, including their mobile service and their router, in comparison to other Internet and TV provider. We’ll end up with our final verdict to consider if it’s worth it. We used Vodafone customer experiences to determine whether the Vodafone package is worth it or not.

Vodafone packages

Vodafone offers a variety of packages, just like other service providers. Currently, they have two packages: the superfast1 broadband and superfast2 broadband, both of which are unlimited fibers.

Vodafone Broadway packages


Vodafone broadband packages come in three-speed: 63Mb fiber optic, basic ADSL, and average 35Mb fiber optic. This is similar to the speeds you get from Openreach-based service providers like EE, Sky, TalkTalk, and Plusnet. Note that the actual speed you get from Vodafone packages are only average estimates and vary depending on the location where you reside. Vodafone’s fiber speed is not as fast as Virgin Media, with an average speed of 363Mb. Vodafone offers superfast unlimited speeds for both Superfast1 and superfast two packages. It mostly comes with a free rental line.

Traffic management and downloads

All the broadband packages offered by Vodafone are truly unlimited. It does not come with a usage cap and does not put a limit on the size of the file you can download or use. More so, there’s no traffic management; this means that your browsing speed will not be slowed down artificially. After thorough research, we discovered that you enjoy unlimited internet service and connection with the Vodafone broadband packages.


Technically speaking, the router that comes with Vodafone Broadway packages are super cool and highly effective. The Wi-Fi is strong and up to the latest version and standard in the market. It has a 1Gb speed ethernet port, which guarantees the fastest speeds when you use a cable to connect to your PC.

One of the most outstanding features of the router is its smart features. You can use the Vodafone app on your smartphone to control the main aspects of the router, including aspects like

  • boost, for prioritizing a single device connection for a couple of hours
  • guest network, which allows visitors to use the internet without having full network access.
  • Ability to disconnect unauthorized users and devices
  • ‘at a glance’ feature which allows you to see all connected devices
  • The family tree which allows you to set both online and offline times

You don’t have to be a tech-person to know how to use the router and person all these simple tasks; the app is easy to use.

Pros (what we like about the Vodafone package)

  • It’s a great choice for standard families
  • Offers unlimited downloads
  • Ultrafast fiber packages are suitable for people who love watching online videos (the average speed is between 35Mb to 63Mb
  • It comes with an app and smart router making it easy to control and manage your home network
  • Great fiber optic broadband prices

Cons (what we don’t like about the Vodafone package)

  • No discounts or extras for mobile users
  • Poor ADSL prices
  • The broadband is not as fast compared to other service providers

Our final verdict: is it worth it?

One of the things that make Vodafone packages stand out is that they offer affordable and superfast broadband packages on the monthly cost. All their packages are unlimited and suitable for mobile users. The packages also come with an additional line rental as well as an unlimited guarantee on speed connection.

One of their major drawbacks is their poor customer service. They take a longer time to respond to the complaints of their customers and users. It’s consoling to know that they’re improving on their services as time progresses. We appreciate the fact that they have invested so much in their ultrafast broadband and 5G networks.

With this short and concise review, we believe you can now determine whether the Vodafone package is worth it or not.