9 Team Building Ideas for Engaged Inspired Teams

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Keep them Inspired and Engaged!

Escape Room

Is there an escape room near me? Do you feel this is the vibe some of your employees put off? Do you want your employees to even be asking if there is an escape room near me?

I didn’t think so. Let me make a few suggestions that may help increase your overall team of employees while keeping them inspired to work with you and your company, but also keeping them engaged in any industry.

What do you think could use improvements, area wise with your company and employee engagement levels? Is it exciting beyond yourself? Do your employees feel like they speak to walls all day or do they have more than just a paycheck to keep coming back to work for you?

 I understand most business owners or companies are focused on increasing sales and tend to stay busy. This can lead to employees either not wanting to work for you or feeling like the only thing they have coming is and underpaid check, overworked mind, and a husband or wife they don’t get enough time with.

An important thing that any company needs to recognize is the personal growth factors that one needs not only outside of the place of employment but at work as well. If you can grow at work you are more apt to refer the company to others when hiring, but you will overall like what you do better. Yes, some companies offer incentives, etc., that isn’t really personal growth. As any one individual, we all go through life.

Maintaining positivity and keeping personal out of work doesn’t always work. Giving, or allowing someone who may or may not be just needing that day to vent or whatever it may be, leads to better relations, but also a sense of understanding. If your boss can handle it and listens maintain a solid relationship. It can only grow when someone understands personal growth is a broad topic.

Give feedback not to critique but to help improve in areas that may need improvement, or in areas that have improved by providing positive feedback. Not in a cheerleader aspect, some people don’t exactly take to that, but in the sense that someone understands you see improvements. From that improvement will come other improvements and even promotions. Make sure to have fun.

Taking work at any place of employment so seriously that cracking a smile feels illegal, well, that’s for the birds. Allow fun. Yes, there will be days employees will talk to each other, have drinks after work, whatever. Let it be that, it is networking and helps build. Don’t be that stickler, that’s uptight to the max. Human nature.

Promote wellness regardless of your personal choices outside work. Show your core values and share them. It keeps you true. Employees will notice and feel more personable. Be sure those working for you know they have a voice and speaking is totally cool. Do not judge them on the topic on which they need to or decide to speak on, you will keep good employees and you never know where someone may be coming from. Also, make sure that your employees know that you respect the work they do, not just because you say, but truly mean that. Allow for experiments. That experiment could turn $5 into Millions. Remember that respect thing, if that does happen, share the credit rightfully with the original person, people.

Make sure to grow relationships with your employees. We are all human. Not everything is work-related in the work environment. As a parent, a good boss, owner, or manager will understand. It will happen regardless. Have open ears and if they do not understand relation-building teach them.