6 Tips About Kalimba You Need to Know

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If you’re looking for a new instrument that’s both fun and easy to learn, check out the kalimba. The word “kalimba” translates to “fruit of life” in Swahili, fitting since the instrument is thought to have originated in Africa. And now it’s making its way into Western culture as well! Here are six tips about kalimbas that will help you get started on your musical journey as soon as possible.

What is a kalimba?

The kalimba is a musical instrument that you play by plucking the tines with your fingers or thumbs. The word “kalimba” comes from the Swahili word for “thumb piano,” and it can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. The most common type of kalimba has six times, but there are also seven-tine models available on Amazon if you’re interested in those!

What is an afro kalimba?

The afro kalimba is a variation of the traditional African mbira instrument. It consists of a wooden soundboard with tines or keys that are struck by your fingers, producing a unique percussive sound.

The afro kalimba was created by Geoffrey Gomes in 1977, who was looking for an instrument he could play while sitting down (most kalimbas require you to be standing). He also wanted something that would be easy for children and seniors to play as well. The result was this new type of kalimba with fewer notes but many more tones than its predecessor and thus its name “afro.” You can buy kalimba afro at https://www.sonodrum.co/collections/kalimba

How do I play a kalimba?

The kalimba is a simple instrument to play. The most common way to play is with your thumb and index finger, plucking the tines with each of these fingers. You can also use your thumb to play bass notes by pressing down on them with varying amounts of force. If you want to play melody notes like I’ve done in the example below, then use either one or two fingers (your choice!) for each melody note but don’t forget about those bass notes!

If this all sounds too complicated, don’t worry once you have some practice under your belt it’ll be second nature!

How many notes are there on the kalimba?

The kalimba is a musical instrument that is played with the thumbs and fingers. There are two rows of tines (keys), each row containing seven times, for a total of fourteen notes in one octave. The lowest note on this instrument corresponds with middle C on a piano keyboard.

What are different kinds of kalimbas?

  • What is a kalimba for kids?
  • What is a kalimba for adults?
  • What is a kalimba for beginners?

Where can I buy a kalimba online?

You can purchase a kalimba from many different places, including Amazon and eBay. However, if you’re looking for the best quality instruments and customer service, it’s best to shop at the manufacturer’s website.


We hope you’ve found this article helpful and informative. And if you’re still wondering what kind of kalimba is right for you, we’d encourage you to check out our selection at the link below!