5 Event Management Tips That Will Make You A Better Event Planner in Dubai

You may have organized an event at any time point of your life whether at university or in the family.  I can recall such a time and when all the eyes were on me to make an event spotless. When I got the opportunity to manage the event at my university, I thought I am good at managing things and I will easily pass this test.  I knew that expectations were very high on me and I was super busy to fulfill the responsibilities. This was a point where I got to learn the new lesson, never commit big if you don’t have a plan to achieve it.

Event management needs lots of preparation in order to make it flawless. If you don’t know how to handle the resource efficiently then you are bound to fail in this industry. Event planning is a very competitive industry and you need to learn the traits as quick as possible. I have seen so many event management companies in dubai to wrap their business within the first year. So, if you are an aspiring event planner then make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips in order to become a successful event planner.

Planned Well

It is very important to plan the event from the first because if you lay out the foundation well then you have more control over the tasks. Set the objective and realistic expectations that you want to achieve. Coordination among your teams should be on point because a lack of communication can destroy all the hard work that you put into event planning. Event companies in dubai can follow this event starting point tips:

  • Set up a good team and assign the tasks as per their skills and duties.
  • Define your target audience and plan the event to meet client expectations.
  • Create a budget plan and break down all the costs after analyzing all aspects of the event.
  • Jot down all the programs and compile an invitation list.
  • Set a deadline and break down the time as per the duration of tasks completion.
  • Coordinate with your team to deliver timely actions.

Time for Action

Now it’s time to move to the next phase of making all the starting plan into reality. Things like setting the date, choosing a venue and speaker, etc. At this phase you have to do the following things:

  • Get the budget approval and make sure you don’t exceed the budget.
  • Seek local government approval
  • Create social media marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. This is to create awareness about your event.
  • Use the power media, printing and emails.
  • Arrange transportation.
  • Update your attendees in order to keep enticing them.

Event Day

Event day is the most anxious day for all event planners. Try to reach the venue before a few hours with your team and volunteers. Just look around all the venue to confirm everything works fine. Things like sound speakers, lighting, stage decoration, catering, etc. You should set up reception and helpdesk to serve attendees. Also, check the photographer and music band are on time. This is your moment so don’t make mistakes here.

Be Active and Responsive

This is a point where so many event organizers in dubai lack the most during the event process.  Lack of communication among all suppliers and vendors will be catastrophic for the event. Be active on your mobile and respond to calls as quickly as possible. There is no space for the delays and make sure all tasks meet the timeline. Find here event production companies in Dubai.

  • Create a list of all the guests who replied to your invite.
  • Make sure venue management is on track and things like decoration, catering, and light are sorted out.
  • Check transportation arrangements are on the track.

Event management is a tough industry because there are so many elements that play their part to make things beautiful. If one team failed to deliver the result then it will disturb all the event, so before event day makes sure everything is on track.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Once you organize a successful event, you don’t have to be overconfident instead try to learn from the experience. If you make any mistake, then try to not commit again. Get the feedback of the guests and be positive about the criticism.  Criticism and mistakes will refine your event management skills and will help you to become a good event planner in the future.

Final Conclusion

Event planning and management is a stressful job and small mistakes will embrass you. There are so many event companies in dubai but only a handful who survive the competition. If you follow the above-mentioned tips then I am pretty sure these are enough to make your life easier as an event planner. Try to improve your event planning skills every day and learn from your mistakes.

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