Daybreak Ostroff President, Condé Nast Entertainment

Here is why this comedy bit was not in the least humorous: glamorizing the entertainment of politics is one problem however giving an individual a platform – even whether or not it’s simply to be funny – who lied to the American people time and time as soon as more just because his boss advised him to, is another state of affairs.

What is true, more than ever, is that entertainment brands and franchises can, and certainly should, exist cross-platform. The rise of Netflix’s effortless cross-platform UX illustrates what a frictionless content expertise ought to appear like. Consumers’ insatiable urge for food for being entertained is on the rise but conversely the amount of down time by which they must devour new content is smaller than ever. Not only does at current’s consumer dwell a busier life, they are inundated with seen stimulation by the mini pc that not … Read More