PRO TIPS – How To Successfully Organize Product Launch Event in UAE

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All big brands and companies before launching new products organize events in order to create a buzz.  In this way, they create awareness about the new product or service among consumers. It’s not they just launch a product and people come directly to store start buying. As we all have observed that companies like Apple and Samsung, before releasing the new product, they start creating buzz around the market. At the end when they launch the product, loyal users run towards their stores.

Event management is not an easy job and synchronized teamwork is required to pull out a flawless event. UAE has become the financial power in the middle east, business thrives there because of the good marketing strategies. In a city, where competitors strive to capture the most share of the market. In recent years, event production companies in Dubai have seen amazing growth and event industry now … Read More

The Bronze Statue of The God from The Sea

The ancient Greeks were very happy when they discovered bronze. Not only did they now have a material to make some pretty nifty weapons and armor out of, but their artists found the stuff to be perfect for making works of Art. Another plus side to this new metal was that it was hardwearing, and bits didn’t break off, such as arms and heads, as they did with marble and stone. As long as you got the clay mold correct then you were onto a winner. It’s a material that is still very much used today by modern artist like and her work of Bronze Wildlife Sculpture. There is one example of Greek Bronze work that has caused a fair bit of debate. It is the Artemision Bronze known as “The God from the Sea” as it was discovered off the coast of Cape Artemision and it is of … Read More

Hur ska man klä sig för ett halv-formellt evenemang

Det är alltid spännande att gå ut och träffa folk. Att gå på olika evenemang är en fantastisk känsla av att vara ute bland intressanta människor, lära sig nya saker och få en massa nya intryck. Evenemang kommer i alla former. Det finns avslappnade evenemang, det finns affärsevenemang, det finns privata evenemang, det finns religiösa evenemang, det finns formella evenemang och så finns det evenemang som är halv-formella. Att ett evenemang är halv-formellt är lite speciellt. För att förstå begreppet kan vi tänka oss ett cocktail party på ett företag. Det är typiskt sett ett halv-formellt evenemang.

Undersök evenemanget i förväg

För att bättre förstå hur man ska klä sig på ett halv-formellt evenemang är det en god idé att göra lite undersökningar i förväg. Detta med halv-formellt är lite mer än vad du bär till kontoret men lite mindre än vid en bal eller smokingmiddag. Men som med alla … Read More

Beautiful And Affordable Wedding Photography Packages

My dad recently handed away, but his enthusiasm and love of life will all the time be a part of me. Varied sorts of Best wedding Photographer lend themselves to completely different pricing fashions. Occasion photography is usually primarily based on an hourly or day worth. Referring to enterprise photography, some photographers, like me, charge on a per-image or per-enterprise foundation.

In 1826, when the primary regular photographic image on paper was produced, nobody might need foreseeing the massive-ranging results that photography would have on the course of historical past-and on the art world in particular. An amazing photograph not only frames and captures a brief second in time, nevertheless it speaks volumes by a fancy interplay between material, gentle, contrast, texture, and shade. Whether or not or not you favor still life, nature, panorama, or avenue photography, we’re sure you will uncover work you’re keen on within Saatchi Art’s … Read More

How to DIY Stretched Canvas

Are you looking for information on to make your own stretched canvases for your artwork? It is not as difficult as you might think and while canvas stretching and priming are arbitrary, they are a good option for young artists looking to develop their skills and conserve as much money as possible.

Of course, there is also the sense of accomplishment of going DIY that any bubbling artist can surely appreciate. Not to mention that if you paint a lot, purchasing canvas wholesale and stretching them yourself is a lot more economical.

So, where do you start?

First thing’s; you have to gather all the necessary materials to make it happen:

  • Unprimed canvas
  • Two equal-length sets of wooden cot bars
  • A T50 staple gun (don’t forget the staples)
  • Textile scissors
  • Canvas pliers
  • T-square or woodworker’s square
  • A flat, clean surface area to work on

Assembling the cots

You can start … Read More